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 12 Jan 2015 New Books
New Book:
Is Science Western in Origin?
By C.K. Raju
Published by Multiversity and Citizens International, Penang - 2009

On stock Western history, science originated among the Greeks, and then developed in post-renaissance Europe. This story was fabricated in three phases.

First, during the Cr... Read More
 13 Aug 2014 Article/Essay
Government to trace the lost river Saraswati
By Vishwa Mohan
Times News | Aug 12, 2014

NEW DELHI: Government has launched an effort to unravel the mystery behind the ancient Saraswati river, which found its references in 'vedic' texts.

Though efforts had been made in the past by geolog... Read More
 6 Jul 2014 Article/Essay
How history was made up at Nalanda
By Arun Shourie | June 28, 2014

“The mine of learning, honoured Nalanda” — that is how the 16th-17th century Tibetan historian, Taranath, referred to the university at Nalanda. At the time I-tsing was at the university, there were 3,700 monks. The tota... Read More
 8 Aug 2013 Video
100 ft long pre-historic rock paintings at Isco Caves in Jharkhand, 10000 BC
Filmed by Badshah Singh

Cave paintings lie in neglect
The Telegraph - 2008

Isco (Hazaribagh), March 12: Around 46km from here is the village of Barkagaon, where lies the Isco cave known for rock paintings over a... Read More
 8 Aug 2013 New Books
New Book:
The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective
By Gregory L. Possehl
Published by Rowman Altamira - 2002


The Indus Civilization of India and Pakistan was contemporary with, and equally complex as the better-known cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. The dean ... Read More
 8 Aug 2013 Article/Essay
Rakhigarhi likely to be developed into a world heritage site
By Neha Pushkarna | Mail Today | Rakhigarhi, Hisar - March 31, 2013

The road to Rakhigarhi village in Hisar is hardly there. Muddy trails dotted with buffalo dung lead to the mounds inside the village where a well-planned... Read More
 8 Aug 2013 Article/Essay
Is Haryana home to an older Indus Valley culture site?
By Jaideep Sareen

Is a village in Haryana sitting on top of a rare archaeological site that is older and larger than Mohenjo-daro, perhaps the best-known human settlement of the Indus Valley civilization?

Research and findings by a... Read More
 7 Aug 2013 New Books
New Study:
Relation Between Harappan And Brahmi Scripts
By Subhajit Ganguly
Published in February 2013

Around 45 odd signs out of the total number of Harappan signs found make up almost 100 percent of the inscriptions, in some form or other, as said earlier. Out of these 45 signs, around 40 are ... Read More
 7 Aug 2013 Article/Essay
Excavations reveal Khirsara a major industrial hub of Harappan era
By T.S.Subramanian
The Hindu - 6 August 2013

January 2, 2011 was a golden day in the second season of excavation at Khirsara village, 85 km from Bhuj town, Gujarat. Nearly 30 trenches had been dug that season, each ... Read More
 6 Aug 2013 New Books
New Book:
Myth of Aryan Invasion in India
By David Frawley

The Aryan invasion theory denies the Indian origin of predominant culture, but gives the credit for Indian culture to invaders from elsewhere. It even teaches that some of the most revered books of hindu scripture are not actually In... Read More
 2 Jun 2013 Article/Essay
Mahabharata and the Sindhu-Sarasvati Tradition
By Subhash Kak

The Mahabharata as an encyclopedia of early India culture and history may be expected to shed light on the Sindhu-Sarasvati or Indus, Tradition. For example the Mahabharata and Puranas call Visnu and Siva by the name 'Ekasr... Read More
 2 Jun 2013 Article/Essay
Mahabharata Date based on Archaeology

The dating of Mahabharata is a contentious topic. There are some who believe such exercises in general are waste of time and one should focus on the message of the epic. There are others who believe it to be a fictional narrative and hence not worth d... Read More
 2 Jun 2013 New Books
New Book:
When Did The Mahabharata War Happen?
By Nilesh Nilkanth Oak
Published by Danphe Inc. - 2011

Book Summary:

In a drastic re-evaluation of astronomy observations from Mahabharata, using high-tech tool of modern astronomy and low-tech tool of the logic of scientific discovery, Nilesh Oak’... Read More
 1 Nov 2012 Article/Essay
The truth about Aurangzeb
By Francois Gautier - February 16, 2007

Thus, we thought we should get at the root of the matter. History (like journalism) is about documentation and first-hand experience. We decided to show Aurangzeb according to his own documents. There are an i... Read More
 3 Aug 2012 Article/Essay
All for Nought
By accident, it records the oldest "0" in India for which one can assign a definite date..
By Bill Casselman
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

What the Gwalior tablet shows is that by 876 A. D. our current place-value system with a base of 10 had become part o... Read More
 31 Jul 2012 Article/Essay
By Kosla Vepa
Indic Studies Foundation

In order to understand the Indic approach to history, one must understand the cosmology and the calendar of the Hindu. The calendar and the cosmos have always played a large part ... Read More