The Dutch, French and Portuguese in India

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 22 Aug 2015 Rare Paintings
Fort of Aguada and Goa from the anchorage - 1831

Water-colour painting of Fort Aguada by William Miller (1795-1836) c.1831.

Aguada Fort was built on the Mandovi estuary in Goa by the Portuguese between 1609 and 1612 to protect Old Goa from attacks by the Dutch Navy. It was the strongest of the ... Read More
 13 May 2015 Rare Paintings
Surat on the Banks of the Taptee - 1813

Plate twenty-seven from the first volume of James Forbes'"Oriental Memoirs", a work in the form of a series of letters richly illustrated, describing various aspects of nature, people and buildings he met with during his travels in India in the 1760s-70s. ... Read More
 3 Feb 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Final French Struggles in India and on the Indian Seas : Including an account of the capture of the Isles of France and ... ; with an appendix containing an account of the expedition from India to Egypt in 1801
By Col. George Bruce Malleson
Published by W.H.Allen & Co., London ... Read More
 2 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
Ghiretta House, Chandernagore - 1800

Aquatint with etching of 'Ghiretta House' at Chandannagar in West Bengal by James Moffat from his original drawing published in Calcutta in 1800. The former French colony of Chandernagore is situated on the bank of the Hoogly river near Calcutta in north-ea... Read More
 2 Feb 2013 Article/Essay
1812: How Napoleon and Paul I were about to conquer India

When people speak about Napoleon Bonaparte they usually recall his military campaigns in Europe and do not pay attentions to the fact that the dream of all his life was the conquest of India.

His famous Egyptian campaign in 1... Read More
 2 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
View of the French Factory, Patna seen from the river - 19 November 1824

Pen and ink drawing by Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845), of a view of the French Factory at Patna City in Bihar, from an Album of 80 drawings of views in Bengal and Bihar taken between January 1823 and May 1825. This image ... Read More
 1 Feb 2013 Rare Maps
"Dutch Fort of Pulicat (old spelling Paliacate) named Fort of Gueldre"- 1741

Source: University of Berne, Switzerland

Read more at the brilliant - 'Pondicherry, past and present' site: Read More
 1 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
'Marche de Pondichery'.
Aquatint by Himely after Paris - 1850

Aquatint by Sigismond Himely (1801-1872) after Walter Paris (fl.1849-1891) of the market at Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, possibly published in c. 1850.

Source: National Library of Australia Read More
 1 Feb 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
History of the French in India, from the founding of Pondicherry in 1674 to the capture of that place in 1761
By Col.G.B. Malleson
Published by W.H.Allen & Co., London - 1893

Book Excerpt:


"A COMPLETE and connected account of the doings of the FRENCH IN INDIA t... Read More
 1 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
View of the French settlement of Chandernagore (Bengal) - 28 October 1868

Watercolour painting of the French settlement of Chandernagore by Stanley Leighton (1837-1901) dated 28 October 1868. Inscribed on the mount in pencil is: 'French settlement of Chandernagore on the Hooghly. Wed. 28 Oct. 18... Read More
 1 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
A French officer leaning against a table, a dobashi holding his tricorne hat; a pet dog in the foreground.

Madras, India - ca. 1785
Opaque watercolour on paper

Marks and inscriptions:
French Officer & his Debash

This is a page from the Boileau Album. The album contains 42 Company pain... Read More