Posted on: 1 February 2013

"Dutch Fort of Pulicat (old spelling Paliacate) named Fort of Gueldre"- 1741

Source: University of Berne, Switzerland

Read more at the brilliant - 'Pondicherry, past and present' site:

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Star fort

Sorry this is not Pondicherry. The caption on top, written in French, says "Dutch Fort of Pulicat (old spelling Paliacate) named Fort of Gueldre". Pulicat was the capital of The Dutch in the Coromandel from 1609 to 1690 (ref

Royal Book Soiety of India, we trust you a lot and appreciate your work. Pl don't loose it by sloppy editorial work. I m ready to help improve processes and build a stronger editorial capabilit

Pondicherry had a 5-star fort, not 4 - see Bellin' Pondicherry map here ( )

Punit Dhandhania: Thanks for pointing out the error in the description of this image. The credit of course goes entirely to the University of Berne website: I appreciate your offer to help (to clean up sloppy editorials??), your concern and also your kind words. Thank you. And also... kindly note this is the 'Rare Book Society of India' and not a Royal one of any kind. : )