Posted on: 2 June 2013

Mahabharata and the Sindhu-Sarasvati Tradition
By Subhash Kak

The Mahabharata as an encyclopedia of early India culture and history may be expected to shed light on the Sindhu-Sarasvati or Indus, Tradition. For example the Mahabharata and Puranas call Visnu and Siva by the name 'Ekasrnga', the 'one-horned one' or the unicorn, which is one of the most striking images from the mature phase of the Sindhu-Sarasvati Tradition.

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The text is mythological, cannot and should not be treated as historical document, archive or evidence. By doing such historians/scholars ignore, second-guess, dilute, actual historical evidence, facts, artifacts, etc. sorry but it is NOT an encyclopedia.

That book has been peer reviewed by historians. Save your rant for yourself.

R u an expert on d subject of mahabharat tat u cal it mythological or legend..historians,marine archaeologists hav proven abt mahabharat and the great is indeed a historical document,,,submerged city of dwarka has been found,battle site and weaponery @ kurukshetra has been discovered ages ago,,,coins,epigraphs,inscriptions also mention about d great epic...its sad indeed tat macaulay and his pseudo western historians have infected ir brain claiming mahabharat to b a mythological no historical book of d world is der a vivid,exhaustive,indepth information abt d places,rivers,people,their lifestyle,economy,polity as mentioned in mahabharat....

The common opinion among most historians would be that... the Mahabharata is indeed mythology. And there is nothing psuedo about it.

Whic historians r u talkin abt ?? Gone r d hey days of british influenced historians...many now alrdy acclaim it as historical...i would nt b suprised tat down d line after a couple of centuries forward,,sum youngsters may find it hard to believe abt indus valley,mauryan empire etc cuz by d tat tym who knows how much historical evidence may hav dwindled....

Of course... as Indians we would want Mahabharata to have been history and not just literature.

It is....


It is so dumb and ironic...that few people demand proof at each and every step when someone says that he believes in the Reality of Mahabharat....but provide no proof themselves while making BIG statements like it is a 'mythology' and should not be treated as historical,etc...!!! I completely agree with what Nitin says...!!!

Article seems to be well researched and logical. Thanks for sharing.

Kisuta mil acha ankona misorio Farao der satha.