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 14 Dec 2014 Video
Life in symphony - Nainsukh of Guler
The Hindu - November 2011

A subtle portrayal of the 18th Century Pahari painter NAINSUKH on the big screen has been waking people up to his splendid art and life for some time

During his 46-year association with India, Swiss scholar Eberhard Fischer w... Read More
 14 Dec 2014 Rare Paintings
Raja Balwant Singh revering Krishna and Radha
Attributed to Nainsukh
(active ca. 1735–78)
ca. 1745–50
Jasrota, Himachal Pradesh
Opaque watercolor, ink, silver and gold on paper

In this intensely personal image of a devotee, Balwant Singh stands in veneration of a vision of Krishna and Radha ent... Read More
 14 Dec 2014 Article/Essay
Visions of Indian Art
By William Dalrymple
The New York Review of Books - June 2013

One morning in 1740, a thin young man could be seen heading down the steep cobbled road leading from the Kashmir Gate of the Punjabi hilltown of Guler, and making for the banks of the fast-running river... Read More
 14 Dec 2014 Rare Paintings
“Thakur Dawlat Singh Among Courtiers”
India, Delhi; c. 1825
Miniature: 27.6 × 38.5 cm

European influence on Indian painting was tangible from the 16th century, but at the end of the 18th, it became even more pronounced. French and British tradesmen and civil servants commissioned work directly f... Read More
 13 Aug 2014 Rare Paintings
'Shiva receiving Ganges' at Ravana Phadi Cave, Aihole - 1853

Pen-and-ink and wash drawing of a sculpture of Shiva receiving Ganges from the Ravana Phadi Cave at Aihole, by an Indian draftsman, dated 1853.

The large sculpture panel of Shiva receiving the Ganges (Gangadhara Shiva-Murti) is situat... Read More
 26 Jun 2014 Rare Paintings
Tremal Naig's Choultry, Madura
By Thomas Daniell, 1749–1840

Graphite on medium, slightly textured, cream wove paper, mounted on, moderately thick, slightly textured, cream, wove paper

Inscribed in graphite, on mount, upper right: "D"; inscribed in graphite, on paper, attached to mount: lower ce... Read More
 21 Jun 2014
An important gem-set gold Navratna Pendant from the Treasury of Tipu Sultan, The Tiger of Mysore (1750-99), Mysore (Seringapatam), late 18th Century

Octagonal, set with a large central cushion flat back cabochon Columbian emerald, within a border of topaz, blue sapphire, zircon, cat's eye, ruby,... Read More
 8 Jun 2014 Rare Paintings
Krishna protecting the shepherds from the vengence of Indra, who threatened to drown them for forsaking his worship and adoring Krishna.

Drawing in black ink on European watermarked paper. Kṛṣṇa holding Mount Govardhana aloft over the gopas and gopis (male and female cowherders) of Vrindavan, an... Read More
 24 May 2014 Rare Paintings
Durga on a lion confronting a demon, by the artist Punch, opaque watercolour on paper, Kashmir, ca. 1750

Copyright: © V&A Images Read More
 24 May 2014 Rare Paintings
Devotees worshipping at a Hindu shrine
India, probably Kashmir
19th century

Painted in opaque watercolour on paper.

Copyright: © V&A Images Read More
 23 May 2014 Sculpture
Standing figure of Vishnu
Styone Shale
Kashmir, 9th century AD

Standing figure of Vishnu. It is broken at the thighs and lower part is now missing. The arms are also broken and partly missing.

The halo is broken except on the left side where it is penetrated by a small hole. The figure has a s... Read More
 23 May 2014 Sculpture
Vishnu Chaturmurti
Karkota period - 8th to 9th century AD

Sculptural representations of Vishnu Chaturmurti exist throughout northern India but is most characteristic of the Kashmir region where it assumed a prominent position in the Hindu pantheon.

Vishnu in his four-fold aspect, Chatur... Read More
 16 May 2014 Sculpture
A sandstone figural relief of Surya
Central India, 10th/11th Century

The solar deity standing in a frontal hieratic pose with both hands raised and holding a stylized blossoms, a small figure of his consort standing between his boots and accompanied by his two sons Shani and Yama standing on the... Read More
 16 May 2014 Rare Paintings
A nobleman worshipping Surya riding a horse-drawn chariot across the sky
Mewar, circa 1760
Gouache on paper, red and yellow borders, framed

Source: Bonhams Read More
 16 May 2014 Rare Paintings
Surya in chariot
Opaque watercolour and gold on paper, Rajasthan, ca. 1800

Copyright: © V&A Images Read More
 5 May 2014 Rare Paintings
Gouache and ink painting from an album of 26 depicting scenes of Hindu mythology in a variety of painting styles. Viṣṇu is riding his vehicle Garuda. In each of Viṣṇu's four hands he carries an attribute associated with the god: a conch, a chakra (wheel), a lotus flower and a mace.

Pahari School... Read More
 5 May 2014 Sculpture
The Hindu God Vishnu on His Mount Garuda

Nepal, 7th century
Gray-black argillite

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art Read More
 5 May 2014 Rare Paintings
Viṣṇu on Garuda addressing Visvamitra, Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa.
An illustration from the Ramayana.

Gouache painting on paper.
1800-1805 ca.

© Trustees of the British Museum Read More
 31 Mar 2014
A suite of Victorian Petábgarh jewellery, India.

Comprising a necklace, bracelet and brooch; the frontispiece of the necklace comprising a series of green glass set pearshaped and oval plaques, suspending three pearshaped drops, all depicting scenes of wildlife amongst foliage, including peacock... Read More
 31 Mar 2014 Rare Paintings
Maharaja Man Singh of Jodhpur (1804-1843) seated in discussion with a Marwari prince on a palace terrace, both figures dressed in fiery orange jamas and turbans, officers standing to the right, an attendant holding a gauri in the background.

Jodhpur, circa 1840
Gouache and gold on paper, red bor... Read More
 29 Mar 2014 Rare Paintings
Kunvar Sri Kisan in darbar with ministers and secretaries
Jodhpur, Marwar, circa 1740

Opaque watercolor and gold on card; verso with identification inscription in black nagari script: 'Sri Kisan'; The kunvar (prince) kneels on a small yellow rug, supported by a large bolster, wearing a tall, ora... Read More