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 15 Jan 2013 Article/Essay
Hiuen Tsang's (Xuanzang) Pilgrimage Route from China to India and return.


Travels in India:

Xuanzang left Adinapur, which had few Buddhist monks, but many stupas and monasteries. His travels included, passing through Hunza and the Khyber Pass to the east, reaching the ... Read More
 4 Nov 2012 Rare Paintings
Representations of the incarnations of the Indian god Vishnu, Bernard Picart, 1721.

Source: Rijksmuseum, Netherlands Read More
 28 Oct 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
From Taj-Mahal to the Golden Gate
By Eugenie H. Schroeder
Published by Melvin & Murgotten, California - 1913

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 26 Oct 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Travels of Ludovico di Varthema in Egypt, Syria, Arabia Deserta and Arabia Felix, in Persia, India, and Ethiopia, A.D. 1503 to 1508
Translated from the original Italian edition of 1510, with a Preface by John Winter Jones and Edited by George Percy Badger
Printed for The... Read More
 26 Oct 2012 Article/Essay
Ludovico di Varthema

Since the time of Mohammed, non-Moslems have not been permitted to enter the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. To this day, only the followers of the Islamic religion are permitted to pass the stone gates which stand 15 miles outside Mecca. In spite of this ban (or perhaps ... Read More
 26 Oct 2012 Article/Essay
Italian traveller Varthema?s rare 16th-century journal in Capital
By Pallavi Pundir
Indian Express, New Delhi, Thu Oct 18, 2012

In the early 1500s, when Italian traveller Ludovico de Varthema reached West Asia, he decided to head southeast from Persia. Varthema reached Diu in 1504 ... Read More
 25 Oct 2012 Article/Essay
Photo Essay:
In pictures: Itinerary, first 'travel best-seller' on India
BBC News, 25 October 2012

A copy of a seminal 16th Century work on India is on display at the National Archives building in Delhi. Organisers say Itinerary - by Italian adventure traveller Ludovico De Varthema - is the firs... Read More
 25 Oct 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Itinerary of Ludovico Di Varthema of Bologna (Itinerario de Ludouico de Varthema Bolognese) from 1502 to 1508

"Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna has left us an account of India and Burma from the very first decade of the sixteenth century, prior to the largescale of the Firs... Read More
 19 Jan 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
A Pepys of Mongul India, 1653-1708 : Being an abridged edition of the "Storia do Mogor" of Niccolao Manucci.
Translated by William Irvine
Published by E.P. Dutton & Co., New York - 1913

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 18 Jan 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Empire Of The Great Mogol
By James S.Hoyland
Published in Bombay - 1927

Joannes De Laet, the Flemish geographer, philologist and naturalist, was born at Antwerp in 1593 and died at Leyden in 1649. His public life began at about 1625 when he ' occupied the position of the ... Read More