Hindu Empires of Southern India

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 25 Sep 2010 Article/Essay
Rajaraja Cholan, the Great Chola king built The Bragatheeswarar (Peruvudaiyar) Temple, also known as Big Temple. "In the twenty-fifth year of Rajaraja Cholan (A.D 1009-10) on the 257th day of the year the king handed over the copper pot for the finial at the top of the Vimana". It weighed about 2... Read More
 25 Sep 2010 Rare Paintings
North View of the Great Pagoda and Tank at Tanjore'. Coloured aquatint by J. Wells after a drawing by Capt. Trapaud - 1788.

Coloured aquatint by J. Wells after a drawing by Capt. Trapaud, of the Brihadishvara Temple and tank at Thanjore, dated 1788.
The great Brihadishvara Temple represents t... Read More
 25 Sep 2010 Rare Photographs
The great Pagoda at Tanjore with corridor on the northern side - 1869

Photograph of the Great Pagoda of the Brihadishvara Temple at Tanjore, taken by Samuel Bourne in 1869. The Brihadishvara Temple built by the Chola king Rajaraja around 1010, is a monumental temple standing in the middle of a... Read More