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 18 Mar 2014 Article/Essay
Beautiful libraries of the world

The Peabody Library, Baltimore (U.S.)

Gas lighting and iron created a new form of library in the nineteenth century: the iron stack hall. The Peabody Library (1878) in Baltimore is the best surviving example. Virtually everything in this picture-- the columns, t... Read More
 18 Mar 2014 Article/Essay
Beautiful libraries of the world

Admont Library, Austria

Of all the great monastery libraries of the eighteenth century, Admont, in the foothills of the Alps, is perhaps the most awe-inspiring. The corridors and staircases that lead to this room are relatively plain and nothing prepares the vi... Read More
 18 Mar 2014 Article/Essay
Beautiful libraries of the world

Mafra, Portugal

Mafra, in Portugal is 88m (288ft) long, making it the longest monastic library in the world, narrowly beating Admont to the title. Housed in a monastery within a royal palace, the library was originally intended to be gilded and to have an ornat... Read More
 18 Mar 2014 New Books
New Book:
The Library - A World History
By James W. P. Campbell (Author) & Will Pryce (Photographer)
Published by University Of Chicago Press - 2013

A library is not just a collection of books, but also the buildings that house them. As varied and inventive as the volumes they hold, such buildi... Read More
 2 Nov 2009 Rare BOOKS
The National Library has innumerable number of rare books and other reading materials.| Science & Technology Collection| Indian Official Documents | Foreign Officail Documents | | News Papers & Periodicals | Manuscripts | Maps & Prints | Microforms | Read More