Posted on: 15 September 2010

United Services Club, Bangalore - 1902.

Photograph of the United Services Club, Bangalore, from the Macnabb Collection (Col James Henry Erskine Reid): Album of Indian views, taken in 1902 . The United Services Bangalore Club (now called Bangalore Club) was established in 1868 for the exclusive use of British troops stationed in the cantonment. It has had many distinguished members including Sir Winston Churchill.

Source : British Library

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He still hasn't paid his dues. I think they formally forgave him in the mid-2000s. today.

Quite the contrary.....they refuse to have it paid off ! : )

As I remember, Prince Charles attempted to pay Churchill's bill with interest. (the club is most attractive btw... remarkably airy and done up quite simply.)

The book Gandhi & Churchill by Arthur Herman is quite an interesting read:

Yes! Gandhi and Churchill by Arthur Herman. I enjoyed reading the book. The Sepoy Mutiny is presented in terms of the chracters' experiences. Very interesting indeed.