Posted on: 26 June 2017

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By W.W. Hunter
Published by Smith, Elder & Co., London - 1872

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The Coast of India, from Point Gordeware to the Ganges Comprehending Part of the Coast of Golconda The Coasts of Orissa and Bengal, with the Mouth of the Hooghly River.

Map Maker: Laurie & Whittle
Place / Date: London / 1794
Coloring: Hand Colored

Detailed sea chart of the coast of India, from the mouths of the Ganges Rivers in the northeast to Point Gordeware in the south west.

Includes numerous sailing channels and soundings, along with smaller islands and several profile views.

One of the most detailed and up to date maps of the region.

Credit: Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.

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Every time why you want to see our mother land from foreigner eyes.....that foregein never understand Deep culture science & technology...

श्री Arun Upadhyay जी

Think my doubt about the hacking is right! Happy to see that your profile picture is back removing the mischievous communal profile that was posted a few days ago!