Posted on: 9 June 2017

A cow supporting the weight of the earth on its horns.

Gouache painting on paper.
Bikaner Style
Rajasthan School

1700-1720 (circa)

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© Trustees of the British Museum

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Lovely image, but be careful lest the RSS idiots take it as science.

Some idiots like Ed Haynes can never understand the symbols & iconographies of beautiful Indian miniatures. They only see the world in the 7 coloured flag..

Any duplicate of this image available? If so where it will be available and what is the cost.?

How is everyone so sure it isn't a cow which is just walking on the road ....

Rare - Indian Miniature Painting - Detailed,3 D view


Holy cow

Gau Mata ki Jai

Bikaner school is really phenomenal when it comes to the depiction of bhagwatam.

But this painting looks more pahadi.

Anti Sunder.