Posted on: 17 January 2017

Digital Rare Book:
Survey of Some Important Breeds of Cattle and Buffaloes in India
By F. Ware
Printed by The Government of India Press, Delhi - 1942

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... this is a timely cum remarkable post ... decimation of Indian breeds began with the concept of White Revolution which resulted in politicians allowing the 'foreign (exotic A1 Type milk) cattle' and subsequently promulgating laws that blatantly prevented pure breeding of the native species ... now of the 23 'described' species ... many are facing a bleak future mainly due to the Central and State Government policies ... it would do well for Indians who are interested to study the Livestock Policy Perspective 1995-2020 developed by the Government of India and the Swiss Development Cooperation ... this is a policy for the destruction of India's farm animal biodiversity and a threat to the survival of small farmers who depend on a diversity based decentralised livestock economy ... besides sustaining the sale of A1 Type milk of the 'foreign' and 'hybrid' species that has been scientifically established to be causing a number of illnesses ... and ... they MNCfy cattle farming in India ... contrarily ... the A2 Type milk of the native breeds have been proved to be 'health-promoting' ... under the existing laws and the perspective policy for future of the present Governments (Central and States) ... Indian milk industry will continue to be hijacked by the foreign companies with deep pockets that will serve the 'ruling elite' but not the people of the country ...

Wonderful !! In all animal husbandry programs these should be prominent, this should be one of the running topics thru every year of any agricultural university's degree programs

How many breeds are surviving? May be very few used for meat or milk..

Un arumai ipo tha ba theriyuthu...🙌🙏🐃🐂manichikko

Rathna Rajdulari

Its good that saying tamilan instead of indian

Ramaa Golwalkar

Smithha Iyengar