Posted on: 8 January 2017

Garuda, the 'vahana' of Vishnu, returning with the vase of Amrita, which he had stolen from the gods in order to free his mother from Kadru, mother of serpents. The 'vahana' is the animal mount or vehicle of a Hindu god or goddess.

ca. 1820 - ca. 1825
Gouache on watermarked paper

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Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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um...might be more accurate to say garuda 'won it' from the devas by battling them head-on, than to say he stole it?

Garuda: the name of the Indonesian Airline. That's how far Hinduism spread.

It sounds like an allegory for the emergence of the Sun from a solar eclipse. ☉

I think his father was Kashyap and mother was Vinataa

Good Information about Garuda

గరుడ GARUDA - Humanoid form of Eagle described in Upanishad,- the Garudopanishad, and Purana, the Garuda Purana, is devoted to him. Various names have been attributed to Garuda - Chirada, Gaganeshvara, Kamayusha, Kashyapi, Khageshvara, Nagantaka, Sitanana, Sudhahara, Suparna, Tarkshya, Vainateya, Vishnuratha and others. The Vedas provide the earliest reference of Garuda, though by the name of Śyena, where this mighty bird is said to have brought nectar to earth from heaven.