Posted on: 22 October 2016

Shrine at Haripur, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan - 1865

Photograph of a small shrine at Haripur, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan, taken by an unknown photographer in the 1860s. This temple has two cat-like stone figures guarding the steps. The town of Haripur was founded in 1822 by Sardar Hari Singh, the Sikh Governor of Hazara. It became the headquarters of the Haripur tahsil of the Hazara District after annexation. However, it was abandoned in favour of Abbottabad in 1853.

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Jian Yang : Sir , I hit reply to address your questions , did you receive them , because I dont see them reflected in this wall... I may try to attempt again.

Abbottabad is where Osama bin laden was killed. See current state of this Haripur temple here. "Maa Sherawali" i.e. Goddess Durga, therefore the Tigers. Gone now, it seems -( )

All non muslim places are gone from Pakistan and Afghanistan. So sad there is such hatred in muslim world.

The town of Ranjha "Takhat Hazara" plz correct if i am wrong.

Raju Chitnis Raju Chitnis thank you to tell me,do you have any papers to support your ideas,

Hari Singh Nalwa, the Commander-in-Chief of Ranjit Singh'.Abottabad. Cat like figures are of 'Cheetah'

Yes this is Haripur Hazara

*Hari Singh Nalwa

Cats? I think tigers! Architectural malfunction!

Is this Hari Pur Hazara

Nice thanks. really love it

Thanks big books fan here

Hidayatullah Khan