Posted on: 9 October 2016

Brahmans of Oudh and the North West Provinces from 1st and 3rd Brahmans, 1908 (c).

Watercolour by Major Alfred Crowdy Lovett (1862-1919), 1908 (c).

A subadar stands at the front while behind him two sepoys in dress and active service uniform can be seen. The Indian soldiers of this unit came from the Brahman (or Brahmin) caste, generally considered the highest in Hindu society.

This is the original artwork for an illustration in Major G F MacMunn's 'Armies of India', published in 1911.

Text and Image credit:
National Army Museum Copyright

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Brahmans Regiment ? Wow. North West means today's Pakistan, Peshawar ?

Ha ha ha brahman regiment and no sikh alike...but larger part of company army was consists of brahmans of Bengal..Bihar..Modern Uttar Pradesh....and Punjab...and mainly responsible for revolt in 1857...later on British govt..changed the policy and stated preferring other cast..

is the man in the front really a Brahmin? he appears more like a contemporary Sikh soldier

Jemedar Rameshwar Misr. There were two Brahmin regiments, 1st Brahmins and the 3rd Brahmins. 1st being the senior most of all infantry regiments. They were disbanded after the re org of the Indian army post WWI.