Posted on: 3 October 2016

Chromolithograph pictorial label used for the advertisement and sale of bales of cloth and individual fabric lengths; printed on paper. Durgā, portrayed with ten arms, is standing on the head of the Mahiṣa, the buffalo demon.

Designed in: India
Printed in Britain for export to India

Text and image credit:
© Trustees of the British Museum

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Thank you Zari for sharing this informataion, is interesting.

am sharing,thanks


sharing this... thanks

What an irony. Theme is Indian, designed in India, but printed in Britain to be exported to India and then sold to Indians

is it available online or star mark... seems to be good

The above description shows that mutual trade relation between India and Britain during 20th century and growth of Colonization and Mercantalism of the British government in India.

Nicholas O'Connell see bro..