Posted on: 5 June 2016


Cambodia, Angkor, Bayon style, 12th Century

When posed in this powerful and exuberant manner, the image of Hanuman stood at the top of a standard. As the son of the wind god and the most powerful of the primeval forest-dwellers, who are depicted with the head and tail of a monkey and the body of a man, Hanuman as an emblem spelled success in battle.

Text and image credit: The Cleveland Museum of Art

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Haha little Hanuman is cute.

What an image of power and poise!

On a slightly different note, Hanuman is very popular across cultures in Indonesia. Due to his Indonesian upbringing, President Obama became attached to Hanuman, who is said not only to grant victory in wars, but is also reputed to possess the qualities of devotion and single-mindedness.

मारुत - बज्र अंग - भद्रंग. दांता - इरज - कपिन्द्र - कपिश - केष्टो- কেষ্ট - महाकाया - महावीर - पन्च्वक्त्र - पवंनकुमार - அஞ்சனயுழு -An̄janayulu - हनुमान - अंजनीसूत - वायुपूत्र -

Obama's Hanuman Lucky Charm

Obama's Hanuman Lucky Charm

जय श्री हनुमान