Posted on: 5 February 2016

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BISNAGA (Vijayanagara) escholastica colhida no campo da cotovia pelo lavrador do palito metrico: ou desta sorte Historia authentica
By João da Silva Rebello
Published by Antonio Vicente da Silva, Lisbon - 1761
In Portuguese

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The Vijayanagara Empire was referred to as the Kingdom of Bisnaga by the Portuguese.

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వారసుల వివరాలు: ముషీరా హోం నర్సింహా శ్రీనివాస బంజారాహిల్స్లో కేశవ విజయలక్ష్మి ఖైరతాబాద్ జనార్దన్ విజయా మోహదీపట్నం మాజిద్ అల్వాల్ కనకా విజయశాంతి కార్తీక ఆర్కె పురం కృష్ణా అనితారెడ్డి

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Is there an English translation of this available?

During the golden era of European cartography ( 16th/17th CE), the Kingdom of Narsinga/ Kingdom of Bisnagar , stand out in Indian maps of the period (by the flemish/dutch cartographic giants like Ortelius, Hondius etc), driven by stories of its fabled wealth. There is even one peninsular India map of the year 1598 - 1610 CE by P Bertius which is titled " Narsinga" . Covers "Narsinga & Ceylon" actually. Its one of the 6 beautiful India maps from Bertius's Atlas Minor ( Small Size). ( )

Unable to locate it on the Net.

I believe, there is.

Please download from this URL:

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Also requesting RBSI to kindly upload the two on its page.

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I'd like to ask: I'm Portuguese and my research focuses on Vijayanagara. But, reading the Latin/Portuguese text, I cannot see a connection with the empire. Could you give me more informations please? Many thanks