Posted on: 2 February 2016

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Catalogue of plants in the Botanical Garden, Bangalore, and its vicinity.
Prepared by John Cameron
Printed at The Mysore Government Central Press, Bangalore - 1891

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This photograph of the Lal Bagh Gardens, Bangalore taken in the 1890s by an unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's 'Souvenir of Mysore Album'."This beautiful pleasure garden (now styled the Botanical Gardens) is situated about a mile to the south of the C. and M. Station, and covers an area of 100 acres. It was first laid out by Haidar Ali and enlarged by Tipu Sultan. The cypress trees of Haidar and Tipu's days, which overcrowded the narrow walks, have long since been removed, and only the unique specimens of Mangifera indica, which adorn the grounds, still remain. From 1838 the Lal Bagh has been under professional superintendents from Kew and has a wide reputation, its speciality, apart from the pleasure derived from the residents of Bangalore, being the acclimatisation of economic plants. It now contains a rare and valuable collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants, together with indigenous and foreign fruit trees."

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