Posted on: 12 January 2016

Arjuna as a Victor
Abdur Rahman Chughtai
Watercolor on paper

Abdur Rahman Chughtai is remembered today as possibly the most distinguished Pakistani artist of the 20th century. His work draws from a shared South Asian cultural heritage, and he was one of the few Pakistani artists to be recognized in India before and after the 1947 partition.

Chughtai began his training at the Mayo School of Art in Lahore in 1911, where he was taught by Samarendranath Gupta, himself a pupil of Abanindranath Tagore. The influence of the Bengal School is visible in Chughtai's early work, but what distinguishes Chughtai is his exceptional skill as a draughtsman. Many of his paintings were large-format—exuberant, expansive works rendered in soft, meditative colors and bold, flowing lines. Even his smaller paintings and drawings seem somehow to contain the same freeness.

Chughtai’s work typically portrayed Hindu deities and famous personalities from Islamic and Hindu dynasties—Mughal and Rajuput princes. He depicted gods and courtesans with equal affection. In the mid-1940s, he became obsessed with the idea that he was directly descended from Ahmed Mimar Lahori, the Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan's chief architect, believed to be the inspiration behind the Taj Mahal. As specific as the traditions are from which he drew his subject matter, his appeal has proven truly international. As Principal S. Kashmira Singh writes in the introduction to one of his monographs, “For his characteristic style, perfect technique and universal appeal he has been described as the artist of all Nations.”

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One of my fvrte artists

Believe,it's true

Arjun or Ram..?? I think this is Ram

I am having three original chughtai paintings of small size In 1998 world book fair few Pakistani publisher came for to participate.Two came to National museum with a reference from Lahore museum director- Dr. Dar to meet me. They were carrying some history books in Urdu. They want that our library purchased these history books. So I took them to my librarian and she. Supported my idea to have some books in Urdu. So we lurched some for library But for my surprise after finishing bookfair they came again to meet me, They told me that they brought some paintings and their prints. Of Chugatai painting for sale and now only left five and they presented that five small painting to me No words to thanks them Two painting I gave to my friend and still three are with me After seeing your Chugtai painting. After 18 year this incident first time I am sharing with any body.

I love his work.

Wash Paintings. Toughest form of water-colour art. Beautiful art. ( )

Please share scanned photos . Thanks

This is Dhanush- bhang by Rama- not Arjuna

Ok I will

This is the breaking of Dhanush by Rama as the above commentator has also written. It is not Arjuna.


Saffi did u get it in your genetics too?

Early Chughtai - two paintings hanging in a corner of government run "Goa state museum" . Here is one -

The other one