Posted on: 22 October 2015

The Amaravati Album

A map of Amaravati and the surrounding countryside based on a survey conducted in 1816.

Inscribed: Plan of the town of Amrawutty, of the country near it, and of the Site of the ancient City of Daranacottah.

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actually the telugu name for amaravathi was " dharaNikOTa ". and another name was " dhanyakaTakam " ie granary .

Is the location same to the new capital of Seemandhra ? Two decades ago a serial was aired on Doordarshan - Amravati ki Kathaein. Are they similer ?

yes arjit . amaravati ki kahani by satyam sankara manchi a great writer from telugu . his stories " amaravathi kadhaly " serialised by DD.

Dear arjit it's the capital of andhra only, not rayalaseema

"Corn " town / Corn granary , right ?

no :) " dhaanya "means [in telugu and in sanskrit too ] rice . paddy granary . AP is known for its different variety rice crops