Posted on: 25 September 2015

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QANOON-E-ISLAM or the Customs of the Moosulmans of India : compromising a full and exact account of their various rites and ceremonies from the moment of birth till the hour of death.
By Jaffur Shurreef and Gerhard Andreas Herklots
Published by Parbury, Allen & Co., London - 1832

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Gouache painting on mica of a muslim wedding procession. At the head of the procession three men sitting on an elephant holding a flag. Behind them is a group of men on foot wearing white with red, green and blue turbans. The men carry flags, flowers, drums, swords and shields. A marching band plays alongside them. At the back of the procession, the bride and groom on a horse are dressed in red and with decorated flowers.

Company School
India (?Patna)

Trustees of the British Museum

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Its silly, but my father who spent his youth in Bareilly during 70s, 80s and was exposed to muslim community told me if a non muslim visits a muslim household he is usually served only after the owner himself has sort of symbolically tasted from the guest's portion, with out him knowing of course. Something of a custom he believes.

any book about the history of Nawab?

Tasting food was an important part of hte medieaval society.It assured that the food or the drink was not poisoned.

Great depiction of Mussalmani Wedding Barat returning with new 'dulhan' with groom in 'sehra' on horse back. with great fanfare, 200 years ago.

Abhi-to -islaam,-Duniya-ko tabahi-ki-or le- ja rahaa hai,Asaliyat bahaar aa-gai, "vander Maatram" **Jai Shri Raam**

the description says "compromising a full and exact account" i think it should be comprising. please check are right! Thank you. Such a terrible bloomer. :) But for some strange reason I am unable to edit it now.