Posted on: 17 September 2015

Ganesh - 18th century

This is one of 12 miniatures from a manuscript of Hindu rituals and devotional tracts. The manuscript is written in the Sanskrit language, in Sarada script. It has 74 pages and was made in Kashmir during the 18th century.

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Would you please elaborate on this manuscript and give also link to read this manuscript in Sharda script.

It is Kangra kalam, as per my opinion .

In fact, Kangra kalam has its link with Kashmir and Basholi art.When almost 1200 families from Kashmir migrated due to persecution during Aurangzeb's rule, there were many kashmiti artists who settled at Basholi , some headed forward to Kangra where the famous artist Nain Sukh and his brother were given shelter by the king of Kangra.This is how Kangra Kalam came in to existence.

Thank you Sh.Vinod Razdan ji for the guidance. Regards.