Posted on: 16 September 2015

Heramba Ganapati
Opaque watercolor and gold

Source: Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

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Panchmukhi Ganesha on Lion is embodiment of all potencies. The most relevant meaning of the five-headed Ganesh is certainly that these heads symbolize the five kosha in the subtile anatomy experienced 1.Annamaya kosha: the flesh body made of matter 2.Pranamaya kosha: the breath body, or energy body 3.Manomaya kosha: the mental body 4.Vighnnamaya kosha: the body of the Upper Consciousness 5. Anandamaya kosha: the body of Cosmic Bless.

श्री मंगल मूर्ति गणपति गणेश जयंती की मंगल बधाई - हमारा शुभाशीष @ Shri Rushivarji .

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

All good wishes! May I share this? Thank you!

Very unique I never saw or heard about it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Om Shri Ganeshay Namah .Good wishes to everyone on Ganesh chaturthi

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for the information.

Very unique pic

Ganesh chaturthi Greetings . Thanks for sharing .this is the first time seeing lord Ganesha mounted on a Lion

beautiful miniature bikaner school