Posted on: 26 August 2015

Digital Rare Book:
The traveller's guide to Agra, containing an account of the past history, the antiquities, and the principal sights of Agra, together with some information about Agra as it is.
By Satya Chandra Mukerji
Published by Sen & Co., Delhi - 1892

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Taj Mahal, 1916
By Charles William Bartlett (British, 1860-1940)
Color woodcut

Source: Cleveland Museum of Art

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some old known picture of Taj Mahal

If you noticed, water color painting and the photograph are almost from the same angle, interesting.

Not at all, painting is from opposite bank, pic from same the bank as taj.

you're correct, I was talking about angle of the picture and the painting. Picture is taken standing behind trees on some high ground, which is visible in painting.

Yes there are small bastion like structures away from main taj on same side and opposite bank too from where it's likely taken. You can see them in present times too if u r observant.

Sir some problem in reading the book online. It is not opening.

Please try again and click on Follow link.

So beautiful work