Posted on: 26 August 2015

Digital Rare Book:
Agra, historical & descriptive with an account of Akbar and his Court and the modern city of Agra.
By Syed Muḥammad Latif (1851-1902)
Printed at The Calcutta Central Press Co., Calcutta - 1896

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Agra, 1916
By Charles William Bartlett (British, 1860-1940)
Color woodcut

Source: Cleveland Museum of Art

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I don't understand how there is a similarity in the style of the artwork on the cover page of several books as given here, if it is the cover page, that is.

The images are paintings of Charles Bartlett and they are not the cover pages of the books posted here. They in fact provide a visually delightful context to the main theme of the book.

Can you provide the full URL of these links rather than the short ones? It looks like several of these links are getting blocked (either by my ISP or the target sites) when I click on these from Facebook. When I go these sites directly, I am able to download them (as in say archive dot org site).