Posted on: 25 September 2014


Watercolour painting on paper of the moon god Chandra. Chandra is shown pale skinned, riding on a chariot pulled by an antelope and driven by a red skinned driver. The driver wears a golden crown and clothing and holds a whip in his right hand and the reins of the antelope in his left. Chandra is shown seated leaning against a bolster. He wears white clothing and a golden crown. He holds a sword in his right hand and a trishula (trident) in his left. Behind him is a white orb representing the moon around which emerge golden rays. The chariot is shown flying through the sky, represent by a blue background. The painting is surrounded by a thin black line.

Company School
19th Century(early)

© Trustees of the British Museum

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So ethereal the Moon, yet Male! Foreign to our sensibilities!