Posted on: 11 August 2014

[Puja items]: artee puneh purdeep, Nundee [Nandin, or Nandi], dhoopdan [dhupadana], urgha, ghunta [ghanta], shunkh taiputree [sankha triputri], upkhora, shunkh [sankha].

From the book -
The Sundhya or the Daily Prayers of the Brahmins.
Illustrated in a series of original drawings from nature, demonstrating their attitudes and different signs and figures performed by them during the ceremonies of their morning devotions, and likewise their poojas.
By Mrs. Sophia Charlotte Belnos (b.1795)
Published by Day & Sons, London - 1851

Source: New York Public Library Digital Collection

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Puja Items

: -PUJA UTENSILS Shankh,- Panchmukhi pradip,- Arati lamp fivehead - Ghanti Bell to ring at arati,- Urgha copper vessel for ablution - Dhoopdani,incense burner,- Abkhora water ewer,- Samputni copper vessel,- Thali,- Katori,-Laghupatra,- Sing-hasan,- Achmani brihut,-spoon large-small,- Sankh tripod and Nandi-Bull

there are people in certain parts of south india , where they follow elaborately. looks like this entire series posting on sandhya started on sravana pournami day, when the sacred thread is changed.

Pandurangavittal Vn: You are right. : )