Posted on: 11 August 2014

Bhyragai [Vairagya]
Note: Vairâgya, 'renunciation'.

From the book -
The Sundhya or the Daily Prayers of the Brahmins.
Illustrated in a series of original drawings from nature, demonstrating their attitudes and different signs and figures performed by them during the ceremonies of their morning devotions, and likewise their poojas.
By Mrs. Sophia Charlotte Belnos (b.1795)
Published by Day & Sons, London - 1851

Source: New York Public Library Digital Collection

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Bairagis ("dispassionate"or renounciation) Vaishnavas are ascetics devoted to Vishnou avatars, - , They apply, a characteristic tilak mark on forehead. -- with three vertical lines, two white- one red in middle. There are Bairagis in all Indian caste & sects in 'Sikhism' Jainism, and Buddhism.

Good informative post. But the three vertical lines on the forehead is called voordhwapundra, which indicates that he is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, where in all shivaites apply Bhasma or tripundra ( 3 lines horizontally on the fore head ) . It is not that only Bairaagis will apply voordhwapundra or Tripundra it is an indication which path they are taking are in whom they believe Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva ..