Posted on: 29 March 2014

Digital Rare Book:
Bardic and Historical Survey of Rajputana - A descriptive catalogue of bardic and historical manuscripts
By Dr.L.P.Tessitori
Published by Asiatic Society, Calcutta - 1917

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Gouache painting on paper. An equestrian portrait of a Marwar noble, with water-pipe and attendants.
Jodhpur Style
Rajasthan School
1800 (circa)

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Dr. Luigi Pio Tessitori was from Udine, Italy. His studies of the Dingal and Pingal dialects were invaluable for Rajasthani Language. He died in 1919 of Spanish influenza contracted on board the ship he was travelling back to India in after a trip to Italy. He is buried in Bikaner where the State maintained his grave up till merger in India.

He was the pioneer of bardic literature of Rajasthani language. Rajasthan owes a great respect and honour,which has most unfortunately not given to him. Probably the political leaders do not know about him. We are living in the age where Literature,Art and Culture does not have a place in the society. MONEY is the most important today.