Posted on: 27 February 2014

Pahari school miniature painting
Punjab Hills, 19th Century

Framed and glazed; opaque water colors on paper; circa 1840-1850, finely detailed depicting Shiva and Parvati with Ganesha and Skanda happily seated together upon a tiger rug on Mount Kailasa, Shiva's matted hair encircling them and forming the source of the river Ganges (small losses).

Source: Bonhams

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Pahari ? Kashmiri school of painting, art, culture and philosophy.

Pahari painting Originated from Basoli painting school of jammu.

Siva with Parvati, Shanmukhananda, Ganapati -Om Namoh Shivay

Could you be more specific about the source? (what school, precise years)

But Shiv Ji was neel?!