Posted on: 15 January 2014

View near Bangalore - 1808

Plate 17 from the fifth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery' called 'Antiquities of India.' The group of structures in this print are close to the GANGADHARESHVARA TEMPLE, south of Bangalore. The Daniells wrote, 'The neighbourhood of Bangalore is remarkable for the frequent appearance of the remains of antient Hindoo architecture. Nearly in the centre of this view is a temple, but at present without an idol. On the left is the Chackra or Discus of Vish-noo placed horizontally, supported by a pillar, both executed in stone: and on the right is a pavilion very neatly executed, which probably was the place for exhibiting to the multitude the idol belonging to the adjoining temple. Further on to the right is a stone pillar, on the top of which on particular occasions was placed the sacred fire.'

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