Posted on: 29 December 2013

Brush drawing, Lakshmana preparing meal for Rama and Sita, ink on paper, Kangra, 19th century

Brush drawing in ink on paper, from a charcoal outline transferred from a pinhole stencil, Lakshman is preparing a meal for his brother Rama, and Sita. Lakshman bends over a log fire in rocky, wooded country, cooking food on a skewer. Above, Rama and Sita look down on him from an eminence. In the upper background to the left are two hermits seated before their reed huts instructing their servants. One of these may be the Sage Agastya. The brothers wear skirts and caps of leaves.

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The Paper used is could be unbleached handmade Agra Kaghzee

Could be, but since it was made in Kangra isn't it more likely that the paper came from closer to there?