Posted on: 29 December 2013

Digital Rare Book:
The Eleven Illustrations - The Illustrated Book About Makers Of Glassware, etc., And A Description of Their Tools
By Ghulam Yahya
Edited, Translated and Introduced by Mehr Afshan Farooqi
Published in Bareilly District (United Provinces) - 1820
In Persian

This Indo-Persian manuscript, written by Ghulam Yahya, son of Maulvi Imad-ud-din Lepakni, around 1820, in Bareilly District (United Provinces), India, for British magistrate, Mr. Robert Glyn, desc ribes eleven trades or occupations current at the time. The text contains important ethnographic, economic and technological data.

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Painting of a Goldsmith

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Thanks to Ratnesh Mathur for suggesting this book.

Wow! amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing.