Posted on: 19 November 2013

A Mughal Nobleman visits Two Shaykhs

This painting, in the Northern Deccan Style, depicts a Mughal grandee, indentified by a later inscription as 'Mirza Mumin Beg, governor of Allahabad', an important Mughal province in Northern India. He kneels before two elderly sages, who are seated on a garden platform beneath a leafy tree. The more prominent shaykh is identified as 'Mian Shah Khuballah, Sahib Allah Zakir' and is depicted with right hand resting on a crooked staff, an item often associated with holy men. A tiny begging bowl is suspended from his belt. The less prominent shaykh is identified as 'Mian Muhammad Shakir'. The principal figures are attended by three female musicians, the governor's retainer, his horse and two grooms. The landscape background incorporates the outline of a distant town in the upper right and a plain on which the governor's palanquin, army, standard bearers, and elephants have come to rest. Opaque watercolour on paper

Deccani School
Mughal dynasty
17th Century (late)

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" Shaikh Mohammad Yahya, commonly known as Shah Khoobullah Allahabadi, son of Shah Muhammad Ameen was born in 1680 AH/1669 AD. He was nephew of Shah Afzal. When he was ten year old his father died. Then he came to Allahabad along with his uncle Shah Afzal and got academic as well as spiritual training from him. Shah Afzal later on appointed his Khalifa (successor).He was a well known Alim (scholar) and was known for follow Shariat strictly. His theological and sufistic works became popular among the contemporary ulema circles. Some of his works are as follows : Dafyat’l alam, Maakhiz-ul-Aeteqaq, Bish-Shaikh wal Murid, Khulasut ul Amal, Sharah salasiyat-i-Bukhari (commentary on the Bukhari -i), Bazaet -Mazjat, Sharah Risalae Makkiya (commentary on Risalai-Makkiya), Al-Kalam (on relationship between Pir and Murid).Wafyat-ul Alam.He was a miraculous sufi of his time. It is said that Shah Muhibullah Bihari (d. 1707/1119 AH) and Shah Amanullah Banarsi (d. 1119/1707) received the spiritual training under his guidance. Shah Khaabullah is said to have bestowed Khirqa-i-khilafat (cloak of succession) to his son Shah Mohammad Nasir Afzali (d. 1749 Ad). Shah Muhammad. Yahya died in 11 Jamadi Awal, 1144 AH/1731 Ad and was buried in the premises of Daera Shah Afzal. " - From FB Post of Indo-Islamic Culture, on Mystic Scholars of Allahabad ( see -> )

Thank you, very much!!!

Notice the jade-handled, gem-encrusted knife in the kummarband of the governor.