Posted on: 15 November 2013

Jahangir weighing prince Khurram against gold and silver. Single-page painting mounted on detached album folio. Princely figure sits cross-legged in a large scale ornately decorated with gold, rubies, and other precious jewels. Mahabat Khan, Khan Jahan and attendants look on. In the foreground stands a table with trays of daggers, knives, gold jars, cups and saucers, all similarly bejeweled. All stand in a courtyard beneath a canopy. Contains title above scene. Ink, opaque watercolour and gold on paper.

Mughal Style
Mughal dynasty
1615 (circa)

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The Carpets - Always consistent in Mughal court paintings of this period - Deep red & dark blue contrasting borders - Sickle-Leaf, vine scroll and palmette 'Vase'-technique carpets ... About time the auction houses & museums around the world recognize these as early Indian carpets & not persian carpets. Of course the skills & artisans came in from persia, in akbar's time. But the colour contrasts - thats distinctly agra & lahore workshops in their early days. Same design & colour combo inside Akbar's tomb too ...