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Narasimhagupta standing facing left, wearing a waistcloth and jewellery, with a halo around head. Left hand holds a bow, the right hand holds an arrow. In left field a Garuda standard with ribbons. In right field a crescent.

(reverse) Laksmi seated facing on a lotus, wearing lower garments and jewellery with halo around head. Right hand outstretched holding a fillet, left hand, resting on knee, holds the stem of a lotus. In left field a symbol. Surrounded by a border of dots.

Gold coin.(obverse)
Ruler: Narasimhagupta
Gupta period
Date: 467-474 AD

Narasimhagupta (ruler; Indian; Male; 467 - 474; approx. reign dates)

Also known as:
Narasimhagupta; Narasimha; Narasinhagupta; Narasinha Gupta; Narasinha; Narasimha Gupta

Successor to Skandagupta and father of Kumaragupta II. Ruled during the late fifth century.

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