Posted on: 1 October 2013

Dr. Annie Besant (born 1st October 1847), English philosopher and feminist in a chat with a fellow member in the Theosophists Star Camp in Ommen, Netherlands, 1926. Besant was president of the Theosophical Society.

Source: The Memory of the Netherlands

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A remarkable lady!

Thanks to Shashi Kolar for highlighting today to be Annie Besant's birthday.

We hv a Theosophical Society in Juhu in Mumbai n near it a Besant Montessori School!

Amita, my uncle used to live in the Theosophical Colony, right opposite Balraj Sahni's bungalow. Have very pleasant memories of visits there and to Juhu beach.

My grandmother was a theosophist, from England, but settled in Canada.

Vinita Balraj S has another huge property. Nr Juhu church which is so frighteningly dilapidated that one wonders how it is standing still!!

Too sad - wonder why it's not gobbled up - it's prime real estate!

BS's widow I believe is in res....not the mother of his son tho!