Posted on: 13 September 2013

Digital Rare Book:
The Life of Dr. Anandabai Joshee - A kinswoman of the Pundita Ramabai
By Mrs. Caroline Healey Dall
Published by Roberts Brothers, Boston - 1888

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In my childhood I read her biography, but never got to see her photograph. Whenever I go to the Bajirao Road, my eyes don't miss that blue board put up by Pune Municipal Corporation in her memory. Fanastic.

I always wanted to read about her. Thank you! (Incidentally, this photo is printed backward from the B&W negative. Her sari palloo would be on her left shoulder. Of course, that does not undermine the vauue of the photo and the book. I tried to flip the photo but it did not work. If I can using another photo-edit software, I will send it to you.)

Thanks a lot..

if i am not wrong she is the first female from India who studied modern medicine.

Thank you Rajyashree Tripathi for your keen observation. This picture has been flipped horizontally and hence corrected.