Posted on: 12 September 2013

Watercolour painting with a pen and ink border of a man and woman carding cotton. The man is seated on the ground holding a bow-like instrument with his left hand and another implement in his right. On the ground below the bow-like instrument is a white mat and the suggestion of clumps of cotton. An over turned basket is shown next to his feet. The man wears a white tunic and trousers and a white turban. The woman sits opposite him and has a basket of cotton next to her. She rolls a ball of cotton with her hands. She wears a long white tunic and head dress which has a red front.

Company School
Sikh Style

© Trustees of the British Museum

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Beautiful, Sikh man carding cotton manualy with a 'Dhanuki'

I remember seeing dhanuki ecently too :)