Posted on: 10 August 2013

Digital Rare Book:
Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions
By Tej Ram Sharma
Published Concept Publishing Co., Delhi - 1978

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Right half of pillar with inscription of Jivitiagupta II of Magadha, at Deo Baranark - 1880

Photograph of an inscribed pillar at Deo Baranark reproduced as a lithograph and credited to Garrick, in Alexander Cunningham, Report of tours in North and South Bihar in 1880-81 (A.S.I. vol. XVI, Calcutta, 1883), pl. xxvi where he reported, "This inscription is engraved on the two contoiguous sides of a pillar, each line being continued across the two faces from one side to the other. The left side of the inscription is much defaced, but the right side is comparatively well preserved. Each of the six lines has lost something in the beginning, but from that part being written in the usual way, it is possible to make out most of what is lost. These six lines contain the genealogy of the king...I have not hesitated to suggest Madhava, before Gupta, as this is the name of Aditya's father in the Aphsar inscription."

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precious inscription ..i wish to read it....

Rare collection of heritage....