Posted on: 26 June 2013

Scene in the Himalayas
By William Daniell

Oil on canvas, 81.2 x 100.2 cm

Collection: Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Signed work ? Very unusual. Both subject & style. That looks like Hagia Sophia minar & dome ratio in the distant background. Far too much creative license at use here, even for the Daniells ...

I agree with you Ratnesh Mathur. This hardly looks like a Daniell. But then.. thats how it has mentioned at the site.

he left out the plastic water bottles and signs pointing to "cold beer"

Its a forgery. A fusion of 3 popular lithographs - One of " entry to India" through the khyber-pass, with the same sequence of caravan animals ( including the dog-eared elephant - a common error in europe's 16 & 17th century prints - but certainly not expected of the Daniells) + Petra, Jodran litho ( David Roberts) + Constantinople from the europe-side of the Bosphorus