Posted on: 1 May 2013

Gold Earring, Taxila (?), 1st-2nd century A.D

These ear-rings are made from sheet gold, cut into shape and embellished with gold granules and wire decoration. Two have vase shaped pendants set with either a turquoise or a pearl bead, and a third has a pendant composed of a gold spherical bead and a tirquoise bead set in a granulated gold mount. The mounts are entirely foriegn to the subcontinent and derive from Greek or Hellenistic sources; this is perhaps most obvious in the use of the dolphin motif. The exact find-place of these ear-rings is not known and the dating remains tentative.

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Mount is firangi it says. Huh? Can some one explain where is the mount and how it is firangi?

in a close look they resemble dancing sculpture...



Such fine workmanship!!beautiful!!!

This is incredibly beautiful for its age and time, would love to see my town craftsman recreate this!

Son preciosos. Aunque habla de ""ear-rings" deben ser màs vien colgantes. Por el peso.

Wow! Wouldn't mind owning these!


Satyakam Sudrshan, the mounts appear to be inspired by Hellenistic tradition. Do you think we owe nothing to Alexander? The Greeks also took many ideas from India-Iran.