Posted on: 11 March 2013

Maharana Amar Singh of Mewar at the Eklingji temple
Udaipur, c. 1705

Amar Singh II attends worship at the temple of Eklingji, a form of Shiva and the ancestral deity of the Mewar rulers.

© University of Oxford - Ashmolean Museum

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Is this a painting and who is it by?

What a picture...!! a rare gem

Nice ! information

Eklinji ke diwan ki jay, hinduwani suraj amar rahe.

He was the great great grand nephew of Raja Bhim Singhji Banera, the founder of "Banera"

Traditional Mewar style painting of beautiful view of Harihar Eklingji Temple complex with 108 Temples built 971AD at Kailash Puri , Udaipur. Also called Meera Temple, celebration and Puja performed of Mahadev on Shivratri Day


Painted in gouache on paper; artist's name unknown. For a zoomable high definition image see