Posted on: 10 March 2013

Sitting statue with four arms, Dieng Plateau, Java - 1864

Photographer: Van Kinsbergen
(Brugge 1821 - Batavia 1905)

Source: Rijksmuseum

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A handsome face instead of a reproductive organ (for a change)!

The Shiv Ling is not a ' reproductory organ ' you twit.

Suchetana Ghosh speaks of ignorance. You will forgive her, @Maheshwar Bhatt Ji.

This does not look like an image of Shiv because of all the accessories, He does not carry a Chamar. According to the Matsya, Vishnu, Bhagwat and Vishnudharmottar Puranas, in depicting non-lingam form of Shiv, the accessories are: - Tripurasur-killer: with a bow (Pināka), arrow (Vişņumāyā) (Vişņu Purāņa 5/8/11). - Rudra: The right hands should carry a rosary, a trident an arrow, a staff and a lotus. The left ones have a trident-holder, citron, a bow, a mirror, and Kamaņḍalu (Vishnu Dharmottar). Adorned with a snake and crescent in his locks, also carries a noose, whip, staff, lotus, skull, and a bow. (Matsya 258/3-14, 22-26; 284/8; Bhāgawata 8/7/30; 12/10/3;. Vişņudharmottara 3/44/14-20; 47/17) (From "Cultural Study of Matsya Purana" by Dr. Raghunandan Tripathi, Page 275)

Buddha, not Shiva

I have a book called "Pratima vijna" by Dr Indumati Mishra. I will check for the clues. The figue in nthe crown and three eys should give some clue. As far as I know only Shiv, Agni and Indra are shown with three eyes.This is definitely NOT Shiv. The Chamar in the left hand suggests some dikpala or kshetrapala.