Posted on: 6 March 2013

Painting showing Jaswant Rao (Holkar) and Mihak Singh sitting with Jodh Singh, Lal Singh and Sahib Singh; representatives of the Phulkian rulers.

ca.1850, Sikh Style

© Trustees of the British Museum

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Rich Heritage.............

RBSI please do clarify which is Jaswant Rao Holkar. As the two noblemen on the right facing left are Sahib Singh in red turban and Jodh Singh with white beard behind him. The three facing right are Lal Singh the portly one, behind him is Mihak Singh and last is one Jaswant that Jaswant Rao Holkar??

Frank Gardner: The description provided by the BM clearly mentions that he is indeed Jaswant Rao Holkar.

Yes, "Jaswant Singh" is spelled below the left-most figure in Urdu(Persian)