Posted on: 5 March 2013

Maheshwar, Indore - 1842

Pencil and ink drawing of bathing ghats on the river bank at Maheshwar by Sir James Abbott (1807-1896) in 1842. On the original mount is inscribed: 'From Nature by General James Abbott 1842. Ghaut or stairs to the revered memory of the Mah-ratta Princess Ahilya Bae at Mhaiswa, Nimarr. Central India, drawn from a boat in the River Narbudda'.

Maheshwar is situated in Madhya Pradesh on the north bank of the River Narmada. It is a beautiful temple town which has been associated with Mahishmati, the ancient capital of King Kartivirarjun, a spectacular temple city mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. The city was significantly developed by the legendary Holkar queen Rani Ahilyabai of Indore (died 1795) who built a temple and fort complex here as well as several picturesque ghats which line the river banks.

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Great ..


Chandresh Dubey

How far is Maheshwar from Omkareshwar? And in what direction?

Mikael sir. Find here all info about India.

These ghats are absolutely awesome !!! Been there !!!


Wow.. Awesome..

this is the earliest depiction of the ghats at Maheshwar. Notice that the shikkhar on til baneshwar, the temple in the foreground, is intact. Ever since the 70's when I started staying in Maheshwar, it has been truncated. Notice also the presence of the farash khanna, where now is located the maharaja tent.

Beautiful, serene and worth visiting!

Also, there is no chattri where today AhilyaMa Saheba's chattri stands.

" that's really worth a visit : )"

Richard Holkar: Thank you Sir! We are indeed honored to see your comments on this page.

Wow I live here...Always Though i m in Delhi...... Those tibaris chhatris ahila ghat, rajrajeshwar, kashivishwanth, nav ghat tilbhandeshwar kaleshwr jaleshwar - a never ending list....