Posted on: 15 February 2013

Hasan Reza Khan, Minister to Asaf al-Daula of Oudh - 1784
By Johann Zoffany

Oil on canvas, 127 x 102 cm

Collection: British Library

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Realistic as a high resolution colour photo ....great to see...

thats one climate-appropriate and funky t-shirt :)

Raja Tikait Rai was Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah's Prime Minister. :)

The ever present huqqa

This Pagari or Turban looks very Maharashtrian or Rajputana. I think I agree with Achintya Nath Saxena this could be Raja Rikait Rai.

Yes; He doesn't look the Muslim, more so from the Muslim Royalty! you like art and are you an artist??