Posted on: 5 February 2013

City and environs of Sirengampatanne or Seringapatnam taken at the request of Mr Robert Adams, Surgeon by Alexander Cesars LeGou - 1775

Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

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Thanks RBSI for posting this map. It has many details which later maps do not show. Good one indeed.

Only problem is the image is small and difficult make out the details.

Thanks RBSI. Mr. Satya, the zoom-able version could be found here, though the wordings remain difficult to decipher. Does this map concentrate only on Lal Mahal and the fort circumscribing it? Was Daria-daulat-bagh not built at that time?

What is interesting is it is dated 1775 ! Before Hyder's death & Tipu destroyed the old palace! a- Kings Pagoda..... Is it Ugra Narasimha Temple? b- Kings Palace of Wodeyar's ? c- ranganatha swamy temple ? Very difficult to read though !

Very cool! Yes, this is before the Daria Daulat was built though it does indicate that a garden was already there. It's also before the main mosque was built! Great map, RBSI. Thanks for posting.