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Authentic memoirs of Tippoo Sultaun, including his cruel treatment of English prisoners; account of his campaigns with the mahrattas, rajahs, Warren Hastings, Lord Cornwallis and Lord Mornington; plunders, captures, intrigues and secret correspondence with France as laid before the House of Commons; also descriptions of eastern countries, hitherto unknown places, gardens, zenanna, &c. &c. with a preliminary sketch of the life and character of Hyder Ally Cawn by an officer in the East India Service.
By an Officer in the East India Service
Printed at The Mirror Press, Calcutta - 1819

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Portrait of Tipu Sultan (1749-99). The ruler of Mysore is wearing a bright green tunic with matching green turban, decorated with a jewelled turban ornament. He has three pearl necklaces each with a jewelled pendant, and a jewelled sash over his right shoulder, which holds a gold sword on his left hip and a large green and yellow striped patka, a sash or belt. Tipu Sultan rests against a red bolster; the background is blue.

Mysore, India - ca. 1790

Opaque watercolour on paper

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tipu sultan... the hero of india